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Updated: November 29, 2019

Admin Message 16 - November 2019


More bonus content coming soon! In the meantime go here



ZeroFront build 1905 available on www.swbfmodders.com , it also includes tons of epic mods not just the exe!

SWBFSpy Conclusion Notes + Steam Q&A
Updated 10-09-19

- Conclusion Notes
The facts are well known everywhere that Phobos & Wolf created SWBFSpy in Sept 2013, well before anyone else ever thought to say we weren't involved in it. SQL timestamp proof was released years ago of this, and those who saw it know it's true even (and even admitted so in the past) while publicly denying it now... We worked from scratch with nothing other than OpenSpy and Luigi's sources. Wolf went inactive in 2014 and I (Phobos) finished the project in 2018. I've also been at the forefront of keeping this game alive since 2008, along with the [FC] clan. We have many more fun years ahead of us on SWBFSpy!

This is the official SWBFSpy multiplayer guide for Steam. They might add their own master server support, but SWBFSpy will always be around and hosted on the SWBFModders root server I made the guide easy to understand, if you have any questions then leave a comment or add me. Our community forums are extremely helpful for community members and new players https://www.swbfmodders.com

Those who insult our creations always fail to show anything better, in most cases nothing at all. Also, there are false accusations made against me about plagiarism when those immature trolls 1) copied everything from my previous guides and hex edits posted first, either here or elsewhere 2) are the ones who either first tried to steal SWBFSpy from me, or supported the plagiarists, and a minority of trolls got banned after they tried to destroy the community. I've been continually harassed by them. Those who accused me of trying to tell others how to play the game, actively encourage others to false flag my guide, and claimed it had cheats when it didn't. Also they claimed radar is a cheat - which it isn't - and furthermore this patch doesn't even have radar. (Back in the gamespy era they would boot players they even suspected of using radar whenever they were losing...)

Some are trying to flag my master server guide because of their hatred towards mods which aren't even in this patch, which anyone can verify. They flagged my posts, reviews, profile, etc. and were so upset they spammed insults from multiple sock accounts here and tricked a moderator. Outside of that, our website has all the modding tutorials one needs to expand the game to play in our servers without fear of being booted for having too much skill or too many mods... We are the only group that respects a players' decision of how to play the game online. Any server rules are already modded in the game, such as death glitch regions...

- Q&A 1-20
Q - How do I stop the files from resetting?
A - Be sure to disable background updates and not to verify game cache, which resets any mod files.

Q - Is SWBF1 worth installing?
A - Yes. In many ways it's even better than BF2, especially with our community mods.

Q - Will steam fix this to play online using their own service?
A - Not sure yet, I expect they will after making enough money, but if not we still have SWBFSpy.org

Q - Why are your premium swbfspy servers less populated?
A - It's an old game with few players, and we had to add a firewall to our premium servers due to attacks. This should increase as more players use our replacement service, especially now that we've added leaderboards. Our public master server will have even more players once we launch it, but no leaderboards (for now at least).

Q - How to play online after installing patch?
A - Select multiplayer from the main menu, ignore the gamespy account prompt.

Q - What to do about CD key issues?
A - Run the cdkey.exe program and change it to something else, we posted a list on our site. When using SWBFSpy exe it will skip cd check for players.

Q - Why do I get a host registration failed error when creating a multiplayer server and then get disconnected?
A - If using the SWBFSpy patch, your IP subnet must be whitelisted. If the server lobby is empty for you, then you haven't been added yet. You can create non-dedicated player host servers using our patch. For dedicated servers, follow this guide: https://swbfmodders.com/index.php?topic=235.0

Q - Thanks for the guide Phobos, it works great. Lots of servers and players there!!! Can you host a dedicated server on SWBFSpy that also works with Steam?
A - It can be hosted on SWBFSpy and played via Steam client, but steam currently doesn't have their own MS for SWBF1. For hosting dedicated servers, follow this guide: https://swbfmodders.com/index.php?topic=235.0

Q - Does this work with the original CD version of the game?
A - Yes, it supports all 3 types, the trilogy compact disc set, fan favorites set, and best of PC DVD. The original trilogy set is 1.0 and requires the 1.2 patch, which can then be patched to include SWBFSpy support. The other two only require the SWBFSpy patch. You only need to install the shell.lvl and battlefront.exe provided by SWBFModders, or edit the HOSTS file to play online, you can omit the common.lvl and mission.lvl if you want. Make sure all patched files are in the right spot if you want to join us on the Battlefront!

Q - Can you host a dedicated server on a pc without a GPU?
A - Yes, there is an included SWBFSpy server exe in the patch which can be added to the SWBF1 dedicated server hosting tools.

Q - Why is my game crashing on Cloud City? It works and I'm happy it does. Thank you for the help Phobos. So awesome that me and my friends can play BF1 now!
A - You need to use either the missionSteam.lvl + Battlefront Basic.EXE or use improved mission.lvl + Battlefront_Expanded_ZeroFront mod for 11 unit spawn (ask phobos if you don't have that mod)

Q - How many players active in multiplayer?
A - Currently we have 10 servers and 9 players online. More than we've had in quite a while.

Q - It looks beautiful Phobos. Does this also work with the GOG version?
A - Yes the instructions are the same except a different file path.

Q - Why would you need to edit the launch options for it?
A - When I tested without launch options it was only running 1600x1200 stretched on 1080p full screen. By making the launch run belks launcher it runs 1080p properly for my pc.

Q - Why is only the game fullscreen and not the menu?
A - It's a hard coded feature, doesn't really matter much in the shell anyway, the worst thing about it is my TWDBF campaign cutscenes are 800x600 stretched.

Q - How to get higher resolution and around the 30fps limit?
A - Use the guide I posted and /noframelock for the launcher ini which supports 1920x1080 native

Q - I'm having the CD key issue. I renamed the cdkey.exe program but it still says invalid CD key when trying to join servers.
A - You should not have this problem if using our patch, since our natneg server fixes that bug. If you still have the problem for some reason, then run our reg fix from www.swbfmodders.com download section.

Q - Is BF1 better than BF2?
A - I think so, it depends what kind of game you like. There's tons of BF1 mods even with less players, providing tons of replay value for SP and MP. We support our own infastructure and have a loyal playerbase. You can see our servers on SWBFModders - we host lots of servers and leaderboards. There are the ones for BF1 and BF2. I have setup everything for those listings, only the SWBFModders ones are there.

Q - You fanboys are weird. The second game is way better, this game has aged quite a bit and I hightly doubt it has a large player base for it to stay fun for new comers for long.
A - Strange comment but, the first game is way better with mods. Maybe BF2 is better with only vanilla files.

Q - How to enable heroes?
A - Mission mod required for that. Try the one I included in patch on the 4 maps with 11 units in singleplayer with auto-assign enabled.

- Q&A 21-40
Q - When I click connect it loads up to 93% then crashes to desktop?
A - Make sure you used our english patch which has working multiplayer.

Q - Isn't swbf awful to play online? I don't like the same crappy maps or hero mode with explosives spam.
A - Nothing awful about it. The stock game is well balanced, mods even moreso, with epic maps on our servers. Our games are still alive with players.

Q - Do you know how to get the map editor to work? I'd like to add custom maps to the game.
A - You should ask that question on swbfmodders.com our community is always willing to help new modders. The fixes for ZeroEditor are included there. We'll post an update soon for full Win 10 functionality and other ZeroBuilder enhancements. All crash fixes are posted on our mod FAQ.

Q - Is your patch stuck in low res?
A - The patch for multiplayer does not remove high resolution support. Make sure you have SWBFSpy.ORG patch when using SWBF1 Launcher as I originally instructed.

Q - Why are people trying to discredit you for SWBFSpy? Are they jealous?
A - Ignore the drama and trolls from the fake domains. We give the public a service that actually works exactly as Gamespy did. Too bad fakes like led give this game a bad name. Also check out Phobos mods which are the best! We've had some upset hostilities trying to distort the truth and fool others into believing I had nothing to do with SWBFSpy, and they will go to extreme lengths to censor me ever since I banned them for their attacks against our community. Don't listen to anyone who tries to discredit me for being the true SWBFSpy founder & admin, I know it's the empirical truth and will always defend it, many of them do too but won't admit it. A group of people saying the earth is flat doesn't make it true -- same concept here. Everything I build is original, I'm quite frankly used to others trying to steal my ideas and creations by now. Be sure to use this patch its the only one we support. https://drive.google.com/file/d/17X_1SqiMgUvPaz9usbKoTiKWyZhpWAFn/view
A - Led the next level sith troll is now lying again, trying to convince the public that SQL timestamps were forged. They were NOT and he knows that is true. See here for even more proof: What's the deal with this Led / Buckler Troll spamming lies about us?

Q - How to make full screen with high resolution? Upon booting the game I have black bars on the side. I tried adjusting the resolution in video settings but it stays the same no matter what. If you know a fix I'd greatly appreciate it thanks Phobos.
A - Use this patch https://swbfmodders.com/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=32

Q - I don't want to register somewhere just to download a file.
A - Nobody is forcing you to, I posted a google drive link already too. Also there's this link you can get it from without an account http://info.swbfspy.org/Downloads.html

Q - Can you elucidate me regarding the profile block? why have you blocked me? I am confused. I wanted to ask you something about the custom resolutions convars.
A - I don't usually have to block people, but there was a lot of hostile trolls today attacking me. You might have got blocked on accident if you weren't among them. I will add you so we can talk.

Q - You are the admin of SWBFSpy correct? Then what is with the other copycat thing going around?
A - There's some fake spam "walled garden" we're not involved in, the only real SWBFSpy is ours, the SWBFSpy Organization, and we're the only ones with leaderboards. We don't inflate views, ratings, or steal credit for knowledge/resources shared. There's a lot of disinfo on the 1058020 discussions board, just remember that Phobos and SWBFModders team are the ones who host SWBFSpy.

Q - Hi Phobos. I noticed people keep asking the same questions over and over again that you already answered before anyone else did?
A - Some actually like to pretend I don't even build mods lol. It seems others have missed my easier to follow guide for changing FOV than the precompiled hex edits (which I already released years ago on FC forum). Modding is very easy and gives you full control over the exact FOV number for each unit. You can change other settings using the tutorials on the www.SWBFModders.com Website, including our SWBFModders FAQs which go in extreme detail of more advanced topics.

Q - Why do bots leave vehicles on low reinforcements?
A - We patched this on our ZeroFront exe, which is not anymore available on steam (only our site). The first game is far better than the second with all our epic mods.

Q - Hi Phobos do I really need to download a 3rd party program in order to play online SWBF?
A - No our 3rd party patch doesn't need to be downloaded, you can simply hex edit it yourself, don't listen to any BS said about our service, we host functional WAN.

Q - How do I adjust FOV of units?
A - I explained in my guide already. Also BFBuilder and Mod Tools work fine on Windows. They are not bugged or broken. Anyone can make simple hex edits for FOV mods too if you don't like munging. Ignore the russian spambot who is discrediting me for everything I write in my guide.

Q - How many players does SWBF have is there over 25 players in a server?
A - The SWBFModders servers had almost 40 on at 8pm EST. It usually had 5-20 most of yesterday, right now there are only a few, I expect even more to join over the weekend.

Q - Is there servers running for the best battlefront ever?
A - Yes! Just got to https://www.swbfmodders.com/index.php and read the instructions :)
Alternatively, read this https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1729814872
Q - How can I play this mod in widescreen (1920x1080)? The target line parameters not working for me. A - Shell menus are hard coded to 4:3, but in game is 1080p if you set the target line parameters as I instructed.

Q - What does the patch contain?
A - The only change is a redirect of the exe to our servers. If you don't modify either the EXE or HOSTS file your game will try to reach the nonexistent GameSpy servers. The shell.lvl file I added is from the stock game which does not remove the Internet WAN button.

Q - How are your servers different than GameRanger?
A - Remember that our SWBFSpy server only runs SWBF1 and 2 games and is the best option for Internet. GR is inferior due to bugs with virtual LAN, and most people prefer our servers. Download the SWBFSpy patch and follow the guide.

Q - Hi Phobos I was told to use something else that someone else posted, but it doesn't work.
A - Hi, we can only support you with our own services, from the testing I did, the other ones don't work either. Sorry you were trolled by birdosrus in star wars battlefront. please use this guide and remove anything from the files he linked and you should be fine. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1729814872

Q - Is it just me, or is 1080p resolution not working?
A - I recommend using this https://swbfmodders.com/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=32 You might also find the only way to get the main menu to display full screen is to use something such as Borderless Gaming (available on Steam) to force it full screen when using resolutions above 1080p.

Q - Why does your website take me to a spiderman picture? Also thanks Phobos for helping all the new players!
A - Your IP is too similar to a troll who got banned for attacking us. They're a minority you won't have to worry about. Accidental bans are easy to fix. We have a functional MS for everyone, and a premium MS for our main supporters.

Q - Does Galactic Conquest mod exist for Multiplayer?
A - No, only co-op. However, Phobos built Multiplayer campaigns for Walking Dead and Alien Wars in the ZeroFront mod! Phobos has also built a co-op mod for BF2 @ https://swbfmodders.com/index.php?topic=1176.0

- Q&A 41-60
Q - What is a HOSTS file?
A - It can be used to redirect internet among other things, but for this guide we're using it to redirect the now-defunct (Since Nov 2012) GameSpy domains to the new server domains for playing online. You don't need to mess with that file if you use our EXE patch.

Q - Hey Phobos my brother and I used your guide for patching multiplayer. We're not sure though how to create a private server on our own? Should we use "Internet" "LAN" or "Direct Connection"
A - If you guys are on the same network, use LAN mode (VLAN is another option). Otherwise when using SWBFSpy we support both DC and Internet, but you need to manually port forward. See the section "How To: Port Forwarding for Player Hosts" in the guide.

Q - How do I play multiplayer?
A - Follow my guide... My guide for multiplayer is here on Steam it teaches you how to setup the game. You can check the online SWBFSpy servers from our provided links. This guide way more populated currently.

Q - Is the multiplayer live? like is there enough players? What's the most popular way of playing online for swbf1?
A - Yes it's alive, read my guide. The SWBFSpy.org patch which has 50 players max per server. If you follow my guide you can still launch through steam, be sure to disable automatic updates. steamcommunity com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1729814872

Q - Your guide is pretty good, thanks Phobos, which files do I run?
A - As I said you should have downloaded 6 files, the EXE, 3 lvl files, and launcher files. You need to replace the ones in your game folder with ours. After that you can follow my steps to launch the game directly through steam with auto-updates disabled. There's also plenty of help at swbfmodders.com we are the only people who run the SWBFSpy servers. Follow our instructions carefully and you won't have any problems.

Q - Does this game have online multiplayer support or do I have to use a 3rd party app?
A - You have to download a community made patch but it's easy. You don't need gameranger on anything. There's been 30+ players in our game servers. More than GameRanger. steamcommunity com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1729814872

Q - Why can't I change any of my game options? Please help Phobos.
A - It's in my guide @ ?id=1729814872 look for the section "How To: Fix Video Settings"

Q - Is your server well protected from outside attacks? Also why are there other guides that look like yours but without all the cool mod stuff?
A - Yes, we keep the drama out of our community. There's some false claim that I was banned from a fake site, the truth is that I had already left there a month beforehand, and I banned them instead from the real community site. Also my guide is not the copy, the other one is. The SWBFSpy hosted by SWBFModders is the original one, and most of my original guide was written before steam on various forum threads. My ZeroFront TWD Alien Wars mods are all original too, I am the true founder of SWBFSpy.

Q - Hey Phobos I was wondering when the peak hours are for multiplayer on swbfspy like what days and times have the most people on?
A - Usually weekends and evenings during the week there's always a handful of players online in the SWBFSpy.org server. Also we host no vehicle maps for the most part, [FC] was the first to host such mods before others tried to copy our server mods.

Q - Why is my water bugged on high graphic settings?
A - Some maps and GPUs don't process the game properly. You can lower the settings or you could also try asking modders on swbfmodders.com or fcbf dot tk for more advanced questions such as debugging maps and solving various bugs not mentioned here.

Q - Scrapped Geonosis Map? Hey Phobos is there any possible way of being able to download or find the old scrapped Geonosis map this was initially suppose to have?
A - Fred uploaded it to secret society, and Phobos already released an improved version of Geonosis Prototype back in March on SWBFModders. Trolls are most likely plagiarizing that thread as we speak.

Q - What about noframelock? Hey Phobos I remember the olden times of SWBF online on PC. There was a modification to the .exe (at least I believe that is how it worked) that removed the maximum frame rate from multiplayer. I believe you had to add /noframelock to something but I can't remember how it exactly worked. Can you help me with this?
A - It can be added to launch option in steam properties, but it's better to use it with the belk launcher for high resolution. I always use it because it makes the game much LESS glitchy, especially online with FPS locked at 180. Ignore anyone who says it doesn't. You just have to set a framerate cap with something like bandicam. also use /nointro and /nomovies to skip the animations.

Q - Why can't I change graphic options in game? The options I am having an issue with are the last three options in the video options. The, Bumpmapping, Motion Blur, and Distortion Effects. Is there a file I can play around with to be able to turn these on and off? What course of action is there? V-sync, bumpmapping, motion blur and distortion effects not working in settings, audio stutters and rare fps drops. Old bugs, such as random appearing animation of reloading not fixed.
A - See my guide I have put up for fixing this issue. The steam/GOG common is broken. I was the first to post a common.lvl that can change graphic settings. Ignore those plagiarists who just wants to discredit me for everything.

Q - Is anyone else experiencing an issue with using crouching? When I try to crouch nothing happens regardless of the key I bind it to - everything else works fine. Double pressing the crouch key results in the character going into prone though.
A - It's a known bug of Singleplayer, you shouldn't have that problem in MP. Also it happens less with controller than keyboard. It's not a vsync bug, ignore any spammers who blame it on that. Please don't weaken your game settings, even if it did help (which it doesn't), it's not worth enabling v-sync just to crouch. Disabled v-sync makes your game much better and unlocks framerate.

Q - Friend and I are trying to play together. Getting major lag and neither of us can change the 'Hosting Bandwidth' size and the ticks per second. When we change them , we can click accept but nothing happens and then the hosting bandwidth and ticks per second stay the same as before. Please help
A - See my guide on steam which explains how to change common settings and raise TPS more than the standard limit of 30.
Reply from Q - That works perfectly, thank you very much Phobos.

Q - How do I kill jedi? They are so overpowered I couldn't find a way to kill them except with the rocket launcher on platforms!
A - Running them over with vehicles kills them. If you lower their health with mods, add CanDeflect = 0 to their lightsaber odf so they take damage. Also MaxHealth and AddHealth should be lowered.

Q - Only four people playing online? Hi Phobos I followed your guide and see tons of servers but not as many players. Did I do something wrong?
A - There just aren't many people playing right now. We have player counts for their servers here @ https://www.swbfmodders.com/index.php

Q - Fix for random crashing? Still crashing after a few attempts at galactic conquest and story mode, even at low resolution. Got any ideas for a fix?
A - If you have Sptest you can also check the bfbuilder logs sometimes that says what causes crash. Download it @ https://swbfmodders.com/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=32

Q - Online empty when installed the patch? I installed the online patch and can't find servers. All of them are empty. When do servers get populated? I hope steam adds a multiplayer option soon. I guess I'll buy SWBF2 and play multiplayer there. I'll just play singleplayer for right now.
A - Assuming you followed the Phobos guide there was players on most of yesterday with around 30 in the evening. Ignore the other fake guide and anyone spamming it, all their servers are dead and most people can't even connect to it. Our premium SWBFSpy servers are just as fun with less players on than our public organization MS, due to our incredible mods and enhanced AI (with ZeroFront neural network AI coming in a few years or sooner!)

Q - Any way to disable vsync? It can't be turned off via the video options menu, clicking it simply does nothing
A - See my guide @ https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1729814872

- Q&A 61-80
Q - Some Video options not able to toggle? The options I am having an issue with are the last three options in the video options. The, Bumpmapping, Motion Blur, and Distortion Effects. Is there a file I can play around with to be able to turn these on and off? What course of action is there?
A - I have a guide up on steam SWBF1 with a link to an original 1.2 common.lvl that re-enables the options. Here it is. Some +rep too for our members, negative rep for those spamming fake links.

Q - Vehicles spin really fast help me please Phobos. Whenever I try to drive or I see a vehicle moving, it spins around uncontrollably. V-sync is on i still get like 300 frames in game, pretty sure thats its broken. Any ideas?
A - Use the stock side LVL that shipped with the original game disc, steam sides are bugged. The other thing you can do is enable v-sync (which doesn't help with crouch) but is a quick fix for this bug. /fixedrate 60 also works. Do not disable /noframelock unless you enjoy having a weaker game. Too many spammers giving bad advice, I recommend only sticking with our guide.

Q - How to play with friends through Direct IP connection and port forwarding? I'm not sure if it's the same with SWBF. I tried to to port forward World at War so my friend and I could play, and I couldn't get it to work. I changed my computer's ip address to a static ip, but when I tried to port forward on my router, my internet company said I needed to purchase a static ip from them in order to make port forwarding work. Is this true? Just to be clear the port forwarding section of my router just won't open when I click on it. That's why I called the internet company and they said I needed to buy a static ip. Is there something I can do to get around this? Also I don't really know how to do direct ip on SWBF, so any info on how to do that would be appreciated as well
A - PLEASE NOTE: Multiplayer mode supported by our independent gaming community! Please join us! The SWBFmodders community has worked hard to create the original multiplayer patch for the game and has been active for years, as well as FCBF before that. You just need to patch your exe to point towards the multiplayer servers, your single player game will remain the same. @ http://www.swbfmodders.com/index.php?topic=5.0
Shell.lvl has to be modified as well or the multiplayer button won't show up. Please register with the site for help. You can also message me but I don't check messages as often as the admins on the site. Some of the old [FC] clan members are still here. We look forward to battling the new Steam players! regards, [FC]Phobos

Q - Why so many dislikes on this epic guide?
A - Because jealous trolls are mad that I created SWBFSpy before they copied me and I banned them from it for harassment. They also want to discredit all my ZeroFront mods/tools/builders/tutorials/etc., and have tried plagiarizing some of them (what few they can). The SQL timestamps I posted are 100% unmodified no matter what lies you may hear. Anyder had proof saved of the SQL timestamp evidence, he won't admit it though. Same for SK who was monitoring our messages at the time. Anyder was banned for betraying [FC] and the true SWBFSpy Founders in his cout attempt with Buckler. More important than that huso was the rest of [FC] active on our forum in 2013 who can also verify this is true. Also the akashic.

Q - So this lets me play using a physical copy of the game disc with multiplayer on steam servers?
A - No not on steam servers, but you can on steam. This is the community multiplayer which happens to be way better than VLAN or any fake ripoffs of our services.

Q - What are some other ways to make the game run faster/smoother/etc.
A - See the updated guide section "How To: Misc Game Tips" which contains all kinds of simple configuration changes, all discovered years ago by Phobos. Which only recently others have copied to their guides.

Q - Multiplayer support? So seeming it just came out on steam and gog how active is the community? Kinda only want this game if its multiplayer works and has people to play with.
A - You can use our community patch which has had around 25-30 players on per evening so far. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1729814872

Q - Hi Phobos I heard you have a much longer, more advanced guide for SWBF modding?
A - Yes we do, it's over 100 pages and only available on our website @ https://swbfmodders.com/index.php?topic=25.0

Q - How do I host my own servers when I can't see any others online?
A - Make sure you check the following. See what happens when you go to Internet Multiplayer and skipping the gamespy ID.
Our servers are up 24/7, see https://stats.swbfmodders.com and http://swbfspy.org/Leaderboards

Q - Is the multiplayer section DEAD ? Gotta know this before i buy it
A - No, only the fake com links are dead, and also steam doesn't have it supported yet. However there is a guide here with people online at most times:
Also, you can use VLAN services such as GameRanger and Hamachi to get online. Our master servers also support direct connection so that players can input the host IP to connect, which allows both PC and Mac users to play together.
So far every since launch I've had a game with 20+ people in one server at around 5pm EST. There's been more or less in servers throughout the evening though and a few players in other servers like our TWD mods. If you look at the front page of www.swbfmodders.com you can see current numbers without going in game. Currently 11 on BF1. And keep in mind these are just the people using SWBFModder's SWBFSpy service. Factor in things like GameRanger or Hamachi (VLAN services are the only alternative to SWBFModders' services) and that number goes up.

Q - How can i use direct connection to connect with a friend? i already tried to create a server ,but my friend couldnt join and i could also not join on his server when he creates a direct connection server. So what can we do to solve this problem? Hope you can help Phobos.
A - Yes check www.swbfmodders.com for the patch to use with our port forwarding section and it should work.

Q - Thank you very much for this my man, I also laughed at how phantom troll tried to copy your video settings fix, except this one you posted actually works, even to disable v-sync. I'm wondering though why HD resolutions suddenly disappear from the menu. Is there a way to get them back?
A - I'm working on another patch for it. For now you can force it using your GPU control panel. Let me know if you need more help.
Q - It lets me adjust the option, but the option won't save.
A - Like I said, use my common.lvl which includes an update to override this through the settings page. The steam exe should not be used either when adjusting settings. Follow my instructions and ignore the BS spam from phantom567459, he is a poser troll who doesn't know how to mod or patch SWBF.
R - Thank you for your hard work so far Phobos, your instructions worked great.

Q - Hi Phobos. I saw more trolls getting triggered over the truth you posted about SWBFSpy. Pretty funny all the weak lies and jealousy towards you for keeping the game alive!
A - Yeah such is the case with many things in today's world. I'm going to mention this again real quick. For all players looking for real services with which to play online, here's one such guide for you: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1729814872

Q - Any way to disable vsync? It can't be turned off via the video options menu, clicking it simply does nothing
A - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1729814872 Use the included common.lvl mod.
Q - Installed, but while the bottom 3 options can now be disabled (bumpmapping, motion blur, distortion effects) vsync will always re-enable itself when reentering the video options screen.
A - Don't use the steam exe which is causing these issues. Using the patched exe I included fixes this problem, and it can also run through steam. Follow the instructions in my guide and disable your GPU for ingame.

Q - Xbox Controller Support & SplitScreen? Like in old PS2 days, is it possible to somehow get the game to recognize Xbox 360 controllers to play splitscreen?
A - I have a splitscreen mod for SWBF1 but it doesn't work on PC because only 1 controller is recognized by the game engine. Xbox 360 controllers are supported though and we have a SWBF2 splitscreen tool. Here's the link if you wanted to check it out https://swbfmodders.com/index.php?topic=1176.0

Q - Hi Phobos is it possible to edit the reinforcements from the normal number of like 200 or 199 i think it is? to something like 999? that way a battle lasts longer?
A - Yes I posted a tutorial for mission LUA modding years ago on our website https://www.swbfmodders.com

Q - Is it just me or are the AI actually difficult and hard to beat?
A - The AI difficulty on hard was drastically increased for the 1.2 patch. With special SWBFSpy server mods by Phobos that unlock the aiming range, they are even stronger than stock AI. If you want a challenge beat Kashyyyk Islands on the empire on hard difficulty in Galactic Conquest mode, the campaign is way too easy. The AI are stronger than in BF2 and a lot of fun to train against, but they're still not that powerful.

Q - Are there mods for this game?
A - Yes, we have thousands of mods on www.SWBFModders.com for SWBF1 and hundreds more for SWBF2. Look at the unlisted videos on our channel here http://youtube.com/swbfspy
Q - What are some good sites for mods?
A - ModDB has some of our mods, as does GameFront, but the very best websites with the most mods for SWBF are SWBFModders and FCBF! Remember that the top mods like ZeroFront and TWD are still being built, and trolls will never get to play the final version. We support multiplayer for most if not all mods.
A - Again, SWBFModders and FCBF are your best bets for mods and custom maps. The focus of each site is a bit different though, SWBFModders is more focused on SWBF1, while FCBF is focused more on SWBF2. Ignore any other trolls spamming fake sites. In terms of mod maps I have well over 3000 archived on our site for Battlefront 1. There are at least 100 by our SWBFModders team I would highly recommend, and most of ours are better than the original maps. I've posted a list on our website :) SWBFModders is the best place for Battlefront 1 -- we are better than any other site on the internet for SWBF.
Q - Is there a mod for more npcs on a map and also up the spawn limit?
A - Yeah, if you follow my guide it explains how to do this. Also SWBFModders has tons of tutorials and tools for modders to build their own with. For SWBF1 the maximum reinforcements per map is 999, but you can use CE to lock it at a current value for infinite respawn. I know of plenty of epic mod maps that have hundreds of AI spawned at once, but the memorypool limits will start cutting off visibility after so many are loaded.
A - Big Battles in our TWD ZeroFront mods on SWBFModders works great :) Also the Phobos map pack! https://swbfmodders.com/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=22
A - Here's a list of mod websites for SWBF1,

Q - How to set the game to 1080p?
A - Check my guide https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1729814872

Q - How do I register on swbfmodders?
A - Add me on steam to talk about joining our wonderful modding community!

- Q&A 81-100

Q - Adding More Units on the Battlefield? 200vs200 is too quickly :(
A - I think you can if you host a LAN game and set the reinforcements higher in host settings. Also with some HEX editing as indicated one can increase the ticket count as seen here:

Q - Multiplayer issues? I've had an issue since yesterday when it came to joining servers using the swbfspy1.cf patch. At first i was able to get around it by joining a empty server then joining one with people in it but now the game is just giving me the finger. Basically i get message saying your cd key is not authorized to play this game when i try to a join a server with people in it. What the hell is up with that?
A - You’ll have to go into game files and then go to the install folder then select cdkey.exe and enter a new cdkey that you can find on SWBFModders FAQs.

Q - Editor doesn't work with Steam release? Hey Phobos I'm getting this error when I try to run the editor with the Steam release. It says "Error You must have Star Wars: BattleFront installed to use the ZeroEditor." I'm assuming this has something to do with the registry. What does the vanilla retail game's registry look like? Maybe it's just a matter of adding the same options
A - Assuming these are the downloads you have: https://swbfmodders.com/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=69
Included in those downloads are a compilation of fixes. This one is a .REG file -- it's called Best Of PC registry fix but it should work in this situation. Run, hit continue at the admin prompt, and then try it. It just adds the registry key that gets checked to see if you have the game installed, does not actually do anything else. Ignore poserphantroll who tried to discredit myself and Bamdur for creating this fix.
Q - That works, thanks Phobos. However I'm getting a different error now where the editor refuses to apply textures or adjust geometry. It just immediately crashes. Is this a compatibility error?

Q - Pressing "A" on the Xbox controller NOT working? Hey Phobos is there a way to select something without having to use the mouse? I’m wanting to play BF1 on my TV with my Xbox controller and it’s not letting me select something with the "A" button.
A - If you use the PS2-style control configuration that SWBFModders made for the community, you can move the cursor using the right stick and press the fire button (default in the configuration is R1) to select. Also, here's how to enable aim assist when using a controller. Assuming you're using the PS2-style control configuration SWBFModders already made, the game won't enable aim assist by default, since it thinks you're just using a mouse and keyboard. The easiest way to fix that is by editing the control configuration to remove the action that fires your primary weapon, then, in the control settings within the game itself, go to the primary weapon and manually add it in again by selecting the primary weapon fire and then pressing the button you use as the primary weapon. After that, the game will enable aim assist.

Q - Mods? Okay Phobos so I have the disc version (not that rare) and I was wondering since this is now on steam if there would be more mods being made I hope so been playing this since this came out I also have it on xbox and ps2 I would be getting this for steam soon and that would complete my collection on BF1 and BF2 classic (sold the new ones a month after SWBF2 came out) and I was wondering if this game is back alive now?
A - Yes it's alive SWBFModders has been building mods for years and hosting SWBFSpy servers. Check the guide here for more info. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1729814872
As I've said before, there's a modding scene for each game, and we are making a TON more mods for SWBF1. Generally SWBF1 is centralized at SWBFModders and SWBF2 at FCBF. There are no other active SWBF modding community forums than those two, ignore any trolls who claim otherwise. However, you can look and find mods on ModDB or Gamefront. If you have the 3 disk version, please make sure you update to version 1.2, because that's the one that supports mods. You can find it on the Star Wars official website. Once again, established modders from SWBFModders are still working on projects but I don't know about new modders -- it's definitely possible though.
A - Also, SWBF1 was never dead, Steam didn't bring it back from the dead because [FC] & SWBFModders has been keeping it alive for over 10 years now! Ignore any trolls who claim otherwise lol.
Q - How do I make an account on SWBFModders? That page doesnt let me see/download without creating a login.
A - Add me on steam so I can add your subnet to our whitelist. Also check out https://swbfmodders.com/index.php?topic=1002.0
A - Also yes if you want to download mods you need to sign up there, but trust me its going to be a good decision. We release mods on a regular basis, much more often than any others, and you can be a part of our humble active community who enjoys this game (unlike non-humble posers who got banned) :)
Q - What exactly does that mod do? Does it allow more NPCs spawn at the same time in ALL original maps? How high is the new limit?
A - 999. And it adds more NPCs in game, Geonosis Prototype and Plains are both improved considerably with Phobos' ZeroFront enhancements. Fight 11 unit spawns as alien units against armies of sentry droids. It also greatly enhances skins for most of the maps that I play on like Cloud City and Kamino fortunately, see my released on moddb and SWBFModders for proof of how epic they are for Battlefront!

Q - Droidika won't roll? When I play as one I can't roll, please help me Phobos.
A - "E" (same as entering a vehicle) allows you to enter ball mode. Not sure if that's your problem or not. If you're hitting E and it doesn't do anything (and you haven't mapped controls) there is a bigger issue.
R - Yup, that worked. Thank you Phobos.
R - Worked for me too, thanks Phobos!

Q - Hello Phobos, I'm in the process of working on a mod. I just picked up SWBF1 on Steam and it's a lot of fun. The FOV is really low and I haven't been able to find and FOV mods or launchers to fix it so I'm going to try and fix it myself. I'm thinking about a launcher that allows users to choose an FOV setting at launch simmilar to how many STALKER mods handle FOV. If you or anyone else from SWBFModders knows of a mod that already does this please let me know, maybe my search skills aren't very good.
A - If you need any help, let us know. I posted my dark trooper increased FOV mod with tutorial many years ago on the [FC] forum. Ignore poserphantroll who tries to discredit me for sharing that among many other mods. A second option is to use a program like HxD to hex edit the compiled value, but I'd start with the side editors first -- that's where you can modify the FOV values. Also, some other poser on steam tried to copy my FOV mods but I didn't bother with it since I already found the perfect values.

Q - Swbfspy autoinstall? Hey Phobos, would it be possible to edit your autoinstaller for steam users? It would make things a lot simpler and in theory everyone with a newish pc should have battlefront in the same location now.
A - I uploaded the source to SWBFModders, let me see if I can recompile it. I actually saved the source code for it like everything else, unlike the poser trolls. I know it renamed the old executable and copied in a new one, it's such a simple thing to remake I don't even need the source. I'll post it here for our members they will find it helpful. Steam has a similar file path except it's "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Star Wars Battlefront (Classic 2004)\GameData"
A - Here it is https://swbfmodders.com/index.php?topic=1245.0 I hope it works well and proves useful. It tries to look in a bunch of places to find the SWBF1 install. It uses Windows Search API, checks the registry and pokes around all your Steam libraries if it can find them.
R - Thanks Phobos, this should help a lot of people, like the rest of your contributions do.

Q - SWBF1 FOV Mod? Hi Phobos so I got this game for PC when it went live on steam and noticed that not only the field of view was really low but that there weren’t any mods readily available to fix it outside of what you released on the [FC] forum years ago. I then saw how some troll named alextheaverage tried to steal credit for your mods too! I know you mentioned years ago that you changed FOV for infantry and vehicles to 90 for first person and 85 for third person. You also moved some camera locations so the camera didn’t feel like it was five feet behind the character with the higher FOV values. For reference the default values are 70 for first person and 65 for third person. Some vehicles have a much lower value like the Hailfire tank which had an FOV of 45 with a obstructive overlay. Vehicle cockpit overlays had to be removed because they don’t scale with FOV and as a result leave a box in the middle of the screen. FOV can’t be raised above 90 due to severe wall clipping and texture errors. You did great Phobos and your DTBC mods are epic! I've attached a file to this email showing you my own SIDE mods with your FOV enhancements. If you know of any other FOV mods could you please send them? I don't want to waste 12 hours of my life setting up virtual machines just to get BFBuilder to work.
A - Yeah, you don't need a VM for BFBuilder, also if you're a member of [FC] we have instructions in our FOV mod which has been up for download since 2013 on our forum @ http://fcbf.tk I'm also working on another mod related to this, which changes FOV of vehicles. Make sure you're using the latest version of BFBuilder and the bugfixes from SWBFModders. I've posted the LVL builders toolbox to our website, a set of compiled mod tools by Phobos which can be used to recompile side LVLs or other files easily. This contains mission.LVL builders as well as Common and Shell builders. Be sure to ignore any trolls who attempt to discredit me for my tools also. https://swbfmodders.com/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=5 If you can't get BFBuilder to work, let us know what type of errors you're getting. If you downloaded the original tools, there are some fixes that need applied that we have here. There is an update to BFBuilder coming soon, known as ZeroBuilder, but for now there are many fixes needed that get it in working condition. Be sure to ignore any trolls who try to discredit my BFBuilder & ZeroBuilder improvements, they're massively jealous, can't make anything original themselves, and have nothing better to do than try to hijack all my ideas. Especially darkphantomtroll the plagiarist nolife. Remember too, that after you register on SWBFModders you can add your FOV mod to the downloads section of the site! :happy:

Q - Server is stable but game browser says 9999 ping? Hi Phobos, I'm hosting a server on your swbfspy and it is stable, a friend and me both have around 40-70 ping, but the browsers says 9999 ping, any ideas how to fix it?
A - You need a dedicated server for it to have a "real" ping. NFO Servers is a good choice -- it's what we use. Otherwise follow my guide on port forwarding for player hosted servers, and use my 40tps client common.LVL mod.
Q - Very fair, though I don't know if I have the money to keep the server up yet, nor do I have the knowlege of how to set it all up currently. I'll keep this one up for fun though! Thank you Phobos!
A - Like I said, if you're using dedicated software on a regular PC, you can use the method in my guide. You can also disable firewalls as some used to in the GameSpy days, but I recommend port forwarding instead. Ignore posers like gdh92troll and bucklertroll who try to discredit my guide -- they are as delusional as it gets!
Q - That makes sense Phobos, also I forwarded all the ports mentioned in the guide.
A - NAT with a router can cause some issues, but try to forward these ports to your game server: 27900-27920 & 28910 & 29910. You may be able to narrow down the port range if it works. I will also note that even gamespy had this issue. There was a "trick" to being able to join 9999 ping servers even, but it is not needed anymore since CHC made OpenSpy (what we use for SWBFspy). CHC and myself fixed the bug with the improved natneg code, but the old trick was to host your own server, leave, then join 9999 ping server. Try it out anyway before messing with port forwarding, but like I said, we fixed this bug already for SWBFSpy. Ignore any trolls who say differently, they aren't involved in our community or with SWBFSpy. Also, we have a private forum on SWBFModders for server hosts if you would like to be in it, but you must register first. It is quite active lately with discussions about new server mods, server problems, security against banned poser trolls, etc.
Q - If I can learn more about it sure, when I have more free time I want to register on SWBFModders! I added the ports, so hopefully that fixes it. The problem also isn't that you can't join, but it just says 9999 ping.
A - Thanks to SWBFModders for keeping this game alive and always improving the servers + mods! Also there is a github release of OpenSpy that might give you some clues. If you're an active programmer like Phobos you might discover some things that would be nice to add or fix. Let us know if you do. :cheers:

Q - Kashyyyk Docks always crashes the game? Hi Phobos, whenever I try to load Kashyyyk Docks on instant action, the game freezes and crashes before it finishes the loading animation. How do I fix?
A - That's difficult to diagnose properly. My suggestion is to see if it happens on other maps with common features -- such as water. In this case, try loading Naboo: Theed, Kashyyyk: Islands, or Yavin IV: Arena and see if it crashes there too. After that check SPtest logs.

Q - Did they bring back multiplayer for this or do I have to use some kind of 3rd party launcher?
A - You'll have to use third party edits but there is a guide available that show you how
Q - send link for the right guide please
A - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1729814872

Q - Free Camera? I'd love to know how to do a free camera for this came in order to take screenshots. I just don't know if any mods exist for it and if they're compatible with the original Battlefront.
A - It's included in my guide "How To: Misc Game Tips" @ https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1729814872
Also on www.swbfmodders.com there are many mods you can download. Ignore the troll spamming fake links, our site has the real mods.

Q - Multiplayer? Hi guys, does the multiplayer mode work?
A - Yes, with third party modifications using the SWBFSpy.org patch. We have lots of players, there were more in the first few days about 30-40 but now we're at about 10-15 peak per day. You can still have a great game especially with our modded servers but it will be nice to see more players join us. The multiplayer fix is in my guide by the way and only needs to be applied once. As I said, ignore the fake poser troll guides, this is the only real one on steam https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1729814872
Q - what are the peak times that players will be on?
A - Weekends usually 5-10 EST and similar times in the week if a few players start playing. I'm not sure about EU time zones on GR but there's nobody on SWBFSpy from EU currently.
A - The classic 2004 SWBF puts the new ones to shame. Add me if you guys want to play multiplayer (zombiedeathmob). Now a days we have even more players than before, and even more epic mods too! Also there's a ton of noobs who use rocket launchers as always in the [FC] server, and even funnier is the failed weak noobs who think that rockets somehow ruin the fun -- they don't -- rocket classes are the easiest to kill because of how slow they are, DT or Reb Pilot wrecks vanguards haha. HakerTroll can't even counter any units because he sucks so much. All the classes are enjoyable in SWBFModders servers, especially the ZeroFront classes! Infantry and Anti-Tank are the weakest classes by default, if you're having trouble gaining skill with shotgun, then pick them off at a distance with a sniper. Or go up close and wreck them with mortars or zappers. That is, if you have any skill, poser trolls like gdh have none lol.
A - Many of our servers have tanks modded out of maps. As I mentioned before, use our SWBFModders patch to play online! Our servers are quite solid, unlike the fake poser spam. Great to see we have a consistent active playerbase on SWBFSpy.org. We usually have events at least once a week with over 20 players and mod maps. It's a great game when you put some time into it like Phobos has! It's a shame that trolls like phantom try to plagiarize our creations and spam lies about us, but they're banned so it doesn't affect us haha. Also we are fortunate our servers are pro and enough people are on, within 10-15 mins usually you will see at least 5-6 people join us. If you get on at our most popular times, that helps too.
A - Pretty sad that trolls like TSOF_Luna make the game look bad, but they got banned too haha. We also have more players on PC than PS2, usually at least 12 per night during the peak. Check out our private unlisted youtube videos @ http://youtube.com/swbfspy

Info for two of these videos reposted here

Title: SWBF1 PS2 Online Gameplay (06-12-19)
Heres the DNS

Here is our GameTracker group we play on Mondays And Fridays around 8:00PM EST
Here is our Player.me server where we plan PS2 and PC events for SWBF1 and SWBF2

Title: SWBF1 Online Multiplayer #12
SWBF1 is now on Steam and GOG but you have to use swbfspy to play online servers hosted by SWBFModders

Link to how to play official online guide

A - I've seen the BF1 PC servers up to 30/35. We generally schedule most of our game times and events. The PS2 servers are less popular but we still have far more players there than you will see on GR. Like I said, remember to ignore the fakespy BS, they're always empty and unjoinable because nobody cares about their posertroll spam haha. Here's a link to our server stats:

Q - I see your SWBFSpy is getting more popular Phobos. Unfortunately when I tried to join early this morning the servers were empty except for 1 player in a server I couldn't join due to missing maps?
A - From what I've seen, most players are not on in the morning. If you check anytime after 1pm EST (sometimes earlier), there are generally players playing in the BF1 PC servers (there are no EU servers, but we have some EU players now), and our activity usually increases in the pro servers for the rest of the evening. Weekends are better than weekdays usually. Checking randomly you might only see 0-1 person playing. Unlike phantroll the fake poser who has nothing, I actually have a real statistics management setup for SWBFSpy. I'm also creating more features coming next for the community's benefit, as I've always done, so if you are whitelisted check our leaderboards for the most complete SWBF stats system available in the whole world. Rofl at poser phantroll still bragging about how he's going to plagiarize my leaderboards, like he's tried with all my other creations, my vimeo upload really triggered him big-time! https://vimeo.com/327571832 The general rule for this game is that people will get on after they're done working or with their studies for the day. Be sure to check our servers on weekends like I said, we usually have Walking Dead events on Sunday, Alien Wars on Saturday, and ZeroFront maps on Friday. Join our community to download the new server mods if you're missing maps. Ask Phobos if you have any more questions. Right now as of 7pm EST there's 10 players in one of our PC servers to give an idea of times. Ignore gdhtroll who is spamming more delusions, they have no players, we do.

Q - Does this game support 2560x1440p now? Also is there V-sync?
A - As I already explained in my guide, Steam removed Vsync and broke other features (and are totally letting the potential of the source code go to waste too if I may add). You can fix it by following my guide and no, the max supported resolution is 1920x1080, but you can uncap framerate, self-hosted server TPS, and other features by following Phobos' instructions.

Q - Multiplayer local? Hi Phobos, I have this on my xbox and play splitscreen with my son. If i get this on steam for both of us, will we be able to play local coop fairly easily? Or at all?
A - I think you can but I'd recommend just installing the swbfspy patch I have on my profile (zombiedeathmob) if local play doesn't work but it should. Be sure to ignore williamtroll the spammer and his fake BS, only my patch is official SWBFSpy.

Q - Using /noframelock causes visual vibrations in 3rd person view? Hi Phobos, I'm using the /noframelock command line switch in order to go above the 20 fps limitation in multiplayer. When playing in 3rd person view, the player avatar will vibrate vertically when riding a stap or speeder bike. This is only visual as it does not affect gameplay. This does not occur when playing use the legacy DVD-ROM version with /noframelock.
A - If you followed my guide you won't have this problem. Like I said, use the SWBFSpy.org Battlefront patch instead of steam's crap. Also don't used /fixedrate since that is for the broken steam files. Ignore the morons who think they discovered (in july 2019) that you need to also replace steam's common.lvl with the stock common.lvl (or better yet, the improved one included in my guide) when I posted over 2 months ago the solution. You only need to do this once anyway for changing settings. Follow our instructions and you can also unlock 40+ TPS when hosting client-based servers too! Only Phobos has released/invented such epic mods allowing such tickrate boost for players. Trolls who are ignorant or want to pretend like this doesn't exist can have fun missing out and playing buggy bullshit instead hahaha!

Q - window mode? does this game have a window mode option?
A - Did you read my guide before asking this? I already said add /win here https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1729814872

Q - Splitscreen/local multiplayer? Is there a way to play this in splitscreen without any mods? :)
A - On PC this is possible for SWBF2 using the Phobos splitscreen mod. I also created one for SWBF1 but it doesn't work ONLY due to the fact the game is hard-coded not to accept multiple controllers. Ignore trolls spamming fake BS, to download SWBF2 splitscreen mod visit SWBFModders.

- Q&A 101-120
Q - I want to buy it play it so bad! but i wont download a 3rd party i dont know, there for dont trust. Disney steam shude open the multy player. then see how many sells they get !
A - If you actually read my guide you would see that I also included a method to play online without installing anything except for a hex editor. But I know that feels..... My guide is 100% legit though, unlike the fake spam BS (that MPRA2troll keeps spamming) which isn't, and I haven't noticed anything malicious about the exe file in my guide, neither has JOTTI, as its pretty much just the CD/Retail .exe file... I have both the Steam and CD version installed, and my fix is quite literally just replacing the Steam's .exe file with the CD version's .exe file along with some modded LVL files for more features. A few things were changed in the Steam Version, made worse, including these.
1. They removed the Multiplayer Online option and broke other options.
2. They BROKE support for the game to run on higher resolutions.

Q - Please dont have the multiplayer be crushed before I can purchase!
A - Why would it be, when it's already been around for 2 full years before you could purchase it! Lol, also ignore retarded trolls like BananaCrook, who aren't even involved in Multiplayer and never have even played a single round in a SWBF server. MP is far from dead, we've had 30 players on servers at peak times like today, and even when we have 5-10 it's still alive. In fact, even days where there's less than 5 players, our multiplayer is still highly active and basically alive until everyone quits playing, which won't happen for at least another decade.

Q - Multiplayer still alive? Is this game still alive on the unofficial servers? I want this purely for multiplayer.
A - Not sure about unofficial servers such as GameRanger, I think those are mostly dead now. But the official SWBFSpy service (hosted by SWBFModders, ignore any fakes pretending to be us that aren't) is still alive, [FC] has been keeping SWBF alive since 2008 and hosting our own master server since 2017 (really back to 2013 if you include openspy, our predeccesor). We are alive and busy all the time with new players and mods. Mostly active in the evenings when we get all our players together for events. Ignore that glynhtroll and his mental disorders, he's not involved in MP and doesn't play in our servers due to being banned. Very few trolls are banned compared to how big our playerbase is now. What we need is more new mods to make our servers even better, and more players to join our swbfmodders community. :)

Note from Phobos - Hi people if you are bored feel free to test my new upcoming mod map below on swbfmodders. Leave feedback there too please. All swbfmodders downloads need an account but it only takes 1 minute to register and we have a massive amount of maps, far more than any other website on the internet (other than maybe FCBF). Steam went and broke the game even more on July 9th 2019, this time limiting framerate to 60FPS which is absolute garbage and NOT a hotfix for crouch or vehicle flip issues. Like I said, much better to temporarily toggle FPS locks with bandicam. They also messed up resolutions and menu options even further, be sure to ignore the latest steam patch and use my SWBFSpy guide for the best game settings and launcher possible. Thanks to Phobos for saving the day, and not making players bang their head against the wall with frustration like Steam and other morons have with their intrusive failed bullshit. https://swbfmodders.com/index.php?topic=1333.0

Q - Walking Dead Battlefront Mod Help? Hi Phobos whenever I install the walking dead version 0.94 mod the textures sometimes look stretched on my PC. Has anyone else seen this with the mod and if so is there a way to fix it?
A - Try making a thread about this on swbfmodders.com where the modding community there will be able to assist you :)

Q - Lighting Glitch. Hi fellow BF1 fans, I am experiencing a very odd lighting glitch that occurs every single time that I ADS with a sniper class or any gun in first person perspective. It's a bright patch that mimics the terrain of the area when I initially ADS and it sticks there the entire duration of a battle. The patch is a rectangular that extends from the top right corner to a little over halfway down, and slightly less than halfway across the screen. Is anyone else experiencing this? If so it would be greatly appreciated if you could share your fix (if there is one), because it might as well be unplayable with how distracting the issue is. Thanks!
A - Try making a thread about this on swbfmodders.com where the modding community there will be able to assist you :)
Q - Should I rename the downloaded files or the original game files?
A - Original game files should be renamed so you don’t accidentally use them when using Steam to launch the game for you
Q - Ok thanks Phobos I followed method 2 and it worked. I personally recommend notepad++ as a hex editor. This will require the download of a plug in. But it did work.
A - Yeah I would recommend HxD as a Hex Editor but you can also use notepad++ (which I use for modding SWBF).

Note: Phobos' FPS Lock Solution for "spinning vehicles bug" | https://swbfmodders.com/index.php?topic=1318
(quote author=Phobos link=topic=1277.msg2057#msg2057 date=1558118809)
All those morons like dptroll saying you should have v-sync enabled to fix vehicle spin bug are stupid af, in fact all you really need is bandicam toggle 60fps with f12 key while driving vehicles and it's fixed... then press again to unlock high FPS for infantry. it's 10x better playing with v-sync disabled like i always suggested, rofl at the morons who are too stupid to figure that out :XD: (/quote)
Only noobs and morons play with V-sync on for the sake of "preventing vehicles from rolling".

Like I said, you can simply assign hotkey with bandicam (like f12) to toggle a 60FPS lock, which prevents vehicles rolling without the use of v-sync (see this for more info https://media.moddb.com/images/articles/1/247/246407/auto/9NnYl24.png )

V-sync is known to create input lag and reduce framerate, even 120FPS isn't that great. Toggle the FPS lock OFF when you get out of the hover vehicle and then you get higher framerates too. This trick works for the Recon/Turret Radar bug and some other things too. Follow my Phobos SWBFSpy steam guide for instructions on how to launch the game (from steam menu) using belk's launcher instead of steam's launcher if you want even higher FPS. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1729814872

Also all the morons claiming this is an 'unknown bug' can confirm via simple testing: When the server TICKRATE (tps) + player FRAMERATE (fps) both are too high, vehicles spin. Lowering one factor (FPS in SP, TPS in MP) instead of both is the best solution. The TPS in singleplayer is about 255 and max stable in MP is 60. The solution I mentioned is much better and doesn't compromise your skill like V-sync does.

I posted this solution on May 17 2019, then mirrored it to ModDB and Pastebin on June 25. Bet you will soon see others saying "they discovered this solution" and not mentioning me at all when reposting it on steam haha. 3rd party proof of SQL timestamp for this solution mirrored @

So it's even funnier when dptroll or some other ledtroll lackey pretends like he "discovered" this in a few weeks or months from now rofl.

As predicted, it only took martin.kosecky5 about 2 weeks to try and steal credit for my method (externally limited framerate). Plenty of proof is out there that Phobos mentioned this first, martin is a jealous plagiarist trying to discredit me and and the rest of SWBFModders. Be sure to ignore martintroll's fake fix spam and use my steam guide to get the game in a properly working state :) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1729814872
also ignore the SuiMachine malware spam, we recommend using belk's launcher.

Q - How do you even join multiplayer?
A - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1729814872
A - Also remember to make sure you're using the Phobos guide, any others on steam are fake.

Q - Why are there trolls insulting you and plagiarizing your creations Phobos?
A - Due to the fact they are jealous aspy cowards who are butthurt they fail at life -- these things tend to happen whenever someone gets "too good" at something and it triggers mad posers -- it's best to ignore scumbag nolife wastes of oxygen like ahou, bajingus, gdh92, dp, led, & other trolls in their psychotic neckbeard mouthbreather soywank cult. They will never have the edge Phobos has, they will never have SWBFSpy or the SWBF community forums, or the epic ZeroFront mods like TWD, Alien Wars, DiabloFront, and so much more they can't even fathom! Hahaha, to hell with those mentally ill shiteating nazis!

Q - Star Wars multiplayer? Hey guys! I want to buy this game and I am looking for people to play with!
A - Best place is swbfmodders.com and there's also a few player.me groups that you can find there. You'll need to use a patch to get multiplayer from this guide.
There's also an autoinstaller if you have an account with us (which is worth getting for access to epic mods):
Finally, make sure to disregard any spam you may have seen from glynh, a troll on steam spreading fake links. SWBFModders hosts SWBFSpy, nobody else.

Q - Is there a way to see how many people are playing at once? It doesnt show me in the community hub as we expect it to do
A - You can check the official SWBFSpy servers page here @ http://servers.swbfspy.org
There's also the SWBFSpy Leaderboards which shows currently online players with live stat tracker @ http://swbfspy.org/Leaderboards
Also you can check our gametracker page @ https://www.gametracker.com/clan/swbfspy/
Since steam doesn't support MP, they won't have such features. Only SWBFSpy hosted by SWBFModders does.

Q - i downloaded the exe file , plus the shell file , it worked, but ,when i go to internet , it doesnt find any server at all, anybody else facing this issue?
A - You didn’t install it correctly if it isn’t working
Q - i downloaded the files , replaced the exe and the shell where they suppose to be , by following a video , works, but doesnt find any server.. , maybe u could guide me?
A - Like I said, follow my instructions in the SWBFSpy Steam guide posted by Phobos.
Q - so could you tell me what i did wrong and help me please?
A - I could teamviewer your pc and do it for you if you want
R - thatd be nice of you really thanks Phobos

Q - Any one have a multiplayer server to play on? just want to play multiplayer
A - We have quite a few players on at the moment, Sunday evenings always bring players to The Walking Dead server on SWBFSpy. You can use this download (requires an account):

Also this guide which only takes a few more steps, but doesn't require registration:

Ignore any spammer trolls like glynh or gistech, anything they post is to be disregarded since it is fake. Also ignore Buckler/Led the troll, he's spamming more poser BS again due to being triggered that SWBFModders has the absolute greatest modders of SWBF, and not his fake spam site of radarphobic failures.

Our commuity got a bit of reinvigoration recently, with the creation of SWBFSpy and Leaderboards by Phobos, and then soon after, the release of the Steam version of SWBF. All the fake posers have gone mostly inactive since we banned them, they do nothing but spam BS fake links on steam forum, whereas SWBFModders continues to bring all kinds of amazing new content to SWBF and the servers.

We still host playable MP servers using our replacement exe for our SWBFSpy.org service. We have the best modders in the world on our site, including several extremely well done maps and expansion campaigns by Phobos (the #1 map maker) that you can check out here:
Pics @ https://swbfmodders.com/index.php?topic=117.0

Whitelist approval for registration on our community forums is free so you can download our epic mods, and get help with questions from the Citadel of SWBFmodders -- the most active and knowledgeable group of SWBF enthusiasts who've been keeping the community going for well over 10 years. Our PC SWBFspy servers are fortunately alive with tons of activity (unlike the fakegamer troll spam, which doesn't even work). Phobos has revolutionized SWBF more than anyone else, especially in 2018-2019, with the openspy MS, leaderboards, new ZF campaigns, memory hacks, and more being created -- be sure to join us in our upcoming events and tournaments on SWBFModders.com

Illuminated SWBF World Champion Phobos
« on: September 10, 2019, 11:18:39 AM »
Phobos is the greatest SWBF modder of all time, the greatest map maker, the greatest innovator. Mods such as Walking Dead, Alien Wars, DiabloFront, and ZeroFront prove this to be the case beyond any shadow of a doubt. Our community has tons of epic mods to enjoy, join us @ swbfmodders.com !

See our forum for more proof that Phobos is the best of all time!

A Guide for STAR WARS™ Battlefront (Classic, 2004)

R - Thanks Phobos for adding me to swbfspy whitelist I will help spread your tutorial

Q - Game lags in multiplayer but no problems in single player? My friends and I bought copies of BF1 to play together through direct IP connect. Each of us can run the game smoothly in single player (my rig far exceeds the requirements) but as soon as we IP connect or LAN the game has strange pecornncd stuttering. It’s kind of like the frame rate being lowered significantly rather than intermittent lagging. I can confirm this happens even if I’m alone in the lobby and we have good internet. GOG support has been unable to solve the issue, Any help would be greatly appreciated.
A - I already uploaded a fix: Download the file from here @ https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1729814872
And follow the instructions. Then in game change online settings to highest tick rate and hosting bandwidth. Save and the issue is fixed. Note that only my fix contains the higher tick rate options above 30tps for hosting bandwidth. Ignore any fake ripoffs of my guides you might have seen from trolls like dark phantom / vastbubble who can only spam their pathetic inferior plagiarism, due to being part of ledtroll's cult of jealous retarded losers who have severely abnormal mental problems.

Q - Hi Phobos. I heard that troll guy Gistech is now saying he built something never seen before in SWBF, a third era. But I noticed on moddb and other sites you've already released that type of mod?
A - Yeah, see my post here about it @ https://swbfmodders.com/index.php?topic=1404.0
Gistroll pretending he invented 'third era' mods in 2019, rofl
Funny how gistech/ggctuk the troll is going on in Sept 2019 about his newest delusion -- pretending that he is the first person to create a "third era" mod for SWBF. How pathetic and predictable of him to deny the facts, I already posted such mods years ago with TWD and various dark trooper mods such as Jet Wars Campaign. In fact, I posted earlier this summer about the fifth era being added to ZeroFront, the Diablo era. Another epic mod of mine that obviously triggered the failed jealous poser gistroll to spam more of his typical crap full of nothing original. I would suggest everyone ignore his spam and help us support SWBFModders -- the true modding community of SWBF. Our era mods are actually fun and worth playing! Our epic game-changing mods will be remembered for years, his fake spam won't even be played once, let alone ever hosted on SWBFSpy servers. Our annual Battlefront modding championship is coming up too, more news TBA.

Q - Geonosis Prototype Map? Anyone know if there's a way to acquire this map, aka the one that shows up in Geonosis' video preview?
A - Yes, check SWBFModders.com and https://www.moddb.com/mods/geonosis-prototype

Q - Hey Phobos, I remember a while ago you posted the PS2 videos for PC. Do you still have the file?
A - Yes, I can upload the file for you, also see this post @ https://swbfmodders.com/index.php?topic=1410.0

Q - The game isn't launching. Anyone else having a problem with his game not launching after the hotfix update? Game Won't Launch? I try to start the game and it says running, my steam border goes green as if I am playing a game, then it goes blue again and the game never starts. I am not provided with any error popup and I never am able to get to any screen in game. I'm using a Windows 8 laptop. Help greatly appreciated. Thanks
A - Yeah. I made a quick tutorial on how to fix it. Which you can see here. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1729814872
Note that there is a troll going around named martin.kosecky5, who plagiarized parts of my guide, and also is spamming fake links to other plagiarists who copied other parts of my guide. Another troll named Trash_Mist also spamming their BS. Be sure to downvote and ignore all of those fake troll spam ripoff wannabe 'guides', and upvote the true guide @ https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1729814872
If you follow my instructions, you will see it already has widescreen support built in using the battlebelk launcher. It's been almost 6 months and people still ignorant of step-by-step process I posted back in May rofl.

Q - Recommended/Essential Mods? Post mods down here (ideally with a link) for stuff you find to be essential to the experience. FOV/orientation, skins, graphics, gore, maps, game modes, big battles, etc. are all welcome. Posting this to help myself and other people to create a resource for these mods in one place. If you have any ideas and posted anything thanks a lot.
A - I've already created such a resource for all mods in one place, the community website of SWBFModders. Anything by Phobos is the #1 best place to start for maps, there is nobody better at making maps. They're way better than the default game maps with tons of new features added. Create an account and download them here @ https://swbfmodders.com/index.php?action=downloads;cat=8
If you go there you will see the greatest SWBF mods of all time, including ZeroFront, which features over 100 new maps in the game! Also 5 eras instead of 2, with extended campaigns for new modes such as Walking Dead, DiabloFront, Alien Wars, Jet Campaigns, and much more. No other mods come anywhere close to all of the amazing new features that ZF introduces to SWBF. Be sure to join us on SWBFSpy servers too where we play these epic ZF mods every week! Ignore any spam from trolls like Quit TF or glynh, they are ignorant of real mods due to jealousy and failure to create anything original. Join our community of SWBFModders for access to the best SWBF mods ever built!

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